Adjustable Bases

Sealy Ease Base

Sealy “Ease”:

Basic, simple to use with a very user-friendly wireless remote.  Strong motors and ease of operation make this power base a popular one.


Contempo III

The “Contempo III”:

Fully adjustable from the legs up.  The Royals Royce of adjustable beds.  USB ports on each side, 2 extra jointed segments for that next level of conforming support, plus all the features of the Verge.  Compare to the top of the line Tempur-Pedic Ergo Premier.  You’ll see why it is the best.


The “Verge”:

Our most popular model.  Adjustable massage, wall-saver feature, 0-Gravity feature, led under light frame, exclusive “lounge feature” and wireless remote can be used as a flashlight.



The “Clarity”:

Take your sleep to a new level.  Enjoy the many benefits of an adjustable base with your mattress purchase like relieving back pressure, snoring, acid re-flux, better circulation and a more stable sleep.

The Mattress Department is a Platinum Dealer of Rize Beds.  You get a better selection, better price and the best warranty in the business (20 year warranty).  The Clarity has a wireless remote, powerful / quite motors, and very easy to use.